Top 10 Reasons Why to Adopt Senior Pets


1. Senior animals have already experienced a lot in life. They have a longer story to tell, and trust me, it is most likely full of ups and downs. When you adopt or rescue them, they know exactly how blessed they are to have been saved by you and will be much more grateful than you could ever imagine.

2. Senior animals are pretty much an open book and what you see is what you get. They have had plenty of time to figure out who they are. They are all grown up and their personality is set, so you know exactly what to expect. Will you end up as Felix and Oscar or Identical Twins separated at birth? Adopt a senior pet and take the guesswork out of that equation!

3. Senior animals love to sleep more than younger animals, so if you are seeking a bundle of fur to keep you company for nap time, long lazy rainy (and sunny) days, long cold nights, flu and cold season, etc. you are all set!

4. Senior animals have special needs, aches, pains, etc. and rely on you more. Let’s just say they are not as aloof as some younger animals can be. They recognize their limitations, cause far less damage to furniture, and communicate in different ways than younger animals. So, if you are looking for a good and rewarding purpose in life, a senior pet should be by your side so you can take good care of them (and vice versa with all of that unconditional love, comfort, licking, kneading, etc. they give you back).

5. Senior animals are more intuitive about everything going on around them. They know when you are happy, they know when you are sad, they pretty much get everything that is going on with you, by sense, intuition and smell. Their natural gifts, instincts and lessons learned from life is, I suppose, is what guides them. If only all humans were so perceptive and responsive!

6. All that silvery-white fur around their face just makes them so much more adorable!

7. Most of us over a certain age and anyone with special needs and health conditions can completely relate to how our senior pets feel, for example, why they may take a little more time in the morning to move around without stiffness, why they may require a few more supplements and medications to keep them feeling alive, healthy and perky, etc. And how many animals out there help people with disabilities and special needs every day?! A LOT! Pay it forward!

8. Animals have internal alarm clocks and are not shy when it comes to alerting us to when it is time to get up, when it is time to feed them, when it is time to play with and exercise them. And they sense when you are not feeling ok, whether it is mentally or physically. Senior animals are especially appreciative and needy when it comes to a set regimen. They pick us up when we are down, they keep us on schedule, moving and active!

9. Those eyes, those paws, those whiskers, those soft meows, whimpers, licks, kisses, wet noses, soft nuzzles, whinnies, etc. How can you possibly resist all of that cuteness???!!!

10. Senior animals are more frail and they need us more than ever to be their voice, their companion, their guide and their caretaker. They cannot make the choices which we as humans can and do. Think of yourself, a loved one, your parents, your grandparents. What happens to us when we get older and need a bit more help and attention? Do you want to be pushed aside as a burden and left to fend for yourself? Or do you want a faithful, loving and caring companion by your side to help each other get through each day, motivate each other, stay together and share unconditional love until the end? Personally, I choose the latter.

Need I say more?! If you do not already have a senior or multiple senior pets in your life, get out there NOW and rescue, adopt, foster and/or nurture one or many. There are many amazing animal rescue and adoption centers that specialize in senior animal adoption and companions.

Please feel free to visit the links below of a few of my favorite rescue organizations, shelters, and animal sanctuaries to find your new senior companion.

Sadie’s Haven Horse Sanctuary

Lily’s Legacy

Bright Haven

Do your heart and an animal’s heart a favor TODAY by making a difference in their life.



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