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Glass Heart Memory Pendant


Our custom one-of-a-kind pendants created by our artists are based on your instructions and input in regards to the specific color(s) and design you want us to use to help capture the essence of your beloved pet’s spirit.  The result is a beautiful wearable glass pendant containing a swirl of colors and your pet’s ashes inside.  Just as your pet was unique, so will the pendant be that is created specifically for you to wear and cherish. The high temperature used in our glass blowing process causes the ashes to crystallize into diamond-like dust, creating a beautiful, ethereal effect.

These amazing pieces give you comfort and help with the grieving and healing process by allowing you to hold and treasure your memories.

Each piece we create is truly as unique, special and important to us as it is to you. We watch over every step of the process and handle your pet’s ashes with the utmost care.

Please note that glass pendants measure approximately 1″ wide by 1  1/2″ long by 1/2″ deep and are solid glass. Each pendant has a formed loop at the top ready for your favorite necklace chain to be attached.

When you place your order for a pendant, please remember that the piece is custom and will be created based on your instructions and input regarding style and color.  Please enter details in the “NOTES” on the order page where you enter your name and other information.  To create the perfect pendant for you, we will be asking for you to provide us with details such as the color or colors you want, style and perhaps photos of other pieces of jewelry that you like or would like us to use as a model for your piece.  You may also call or email details to us at Info@SatinesHeart.com.


Product Description

Losing your pet is like losing your best friend. For many, our pets are our children, and the very thought of letting go of them is incomprehensible. Cremation of our pets is a way to keep them with us and from their ashes we can create a beautiful way for you to remember and cherish your pet’s memory. Our pet memorial products are unique in that your pet’s ashes go into every piece we craft from blown glass. Your memory heart pendant gives you the peace that your beloved pet will always be with you, close to your heart, no matter where you are or where you go. The most beautiful part is that our pendants are custom and one of a kind based on your specifications.  Just as your pet was special and unique, so is each and every custom piece we create just for you, as it is your pet’s life and soul that radiates and shines from within the glass. Wear your pendant in memory of your pet and celebrate the joy, happiness and unconditional love they gave you by being part of your life.

Pet memorial products take a minimum of three weeks for delivery of the finished product from the date we receive your pet’s ashes. Once you have placed your order, an ashes preparation and delivery kit will be sent to you with instructions. At Satine’s Heart, we also understand how difficult this process can be for you to deal with on your own. If you are local within the Napa and Sonoma areas and are not comfortable in handling your pet’s ashes on your own, please call or email us and we can schedule a day and time to personally come to you and collect your pet’s ashes or you also have the option to stop by our Santa Rosa studio and we can handle the ash collection there. Only a small amount of ashes (one teaspoon) is needed to create your glass memorial pendant. Also, you may choose to combine the ashes from several of your pets into one heart pendant. Your beloved pet’s ashes will then go directly to our design studio for the creation of your custom piece. Your memorial pendant will either then be shipped directly to you, or you may arrange to pick up it up at our studio in Santa Rosa or choose personal delivery to your home (for Sonoma and Napa customers only please). Since this is a custom process, please be aware of the processing time.

Additional Information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 2.0 x 1.0 x 3 in


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