Why Senior Pets are Awesome

Many potential adopters that come to the shelter are so focused on getting the tiny kitty or the excitable puppy. Eyes are often drawn to the fuzzy, cuddly babies and sadly overlook the older animals at the shelter. While most people are usually drawn to the babies, the older shelter residents may be a better fit for a lot of people! Senior animals are generally harder to find homes for, so we are taking a moment to point out just how awesome they are!

photo-senior-pet-careFirst, many older pets have already had experience with potty training so there is a good chance that they are either potty trained already or at least have the foundation. Cats, especially, will be more familiar and comfortable around a litter box than a newborn kitten may be.

On top of all the training, older pets require less physical exertion on your part. Puppies and kittens are certainly rambunctious and seem to have never ending amounts of energy. For some people this is great! They may have the time and energy that goes into raising young animals. Many people may prefer a more laid back pet. Older animals can still be playful and still need exercise, but they are generally not as frenzied and needy as furr-babies.


Some people think you can only really form a bond with an animal if you’ve known them since birth, which is untrue. In fact, older shelter pets are some of the most loyal! Sadly, there are a lot of shelter animals that were rescued from horrible conditions and abuse. These pets will be so appreciative of the love you give them, they’ll give it back to you tenfold!

There is no doubt that puppies and kittens are adorable. They also require a lot of training, time, and patience. Older pets are just as lovable and cute but are so often overlooked. Consider your lifestyle and what you’re looking for in a pet. A more seasoned animal may just be the perfect furry addition to your family!

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