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Sabrina’s Top Recommendations for Keeping Senior Pets Happy and Healthy

Sabrina’s Top Recommendations for Keeping Senior Pets Happy & Healthy:

As I mentioned, now that I am a bit older, I need a little extra care and help.  First of all, my eyesight is not as good as it used to be, particularly at night, which can be scary.  My loving mother helps me to navigate by putting a few nightlights in key areas around the house and in particular the room where I mainly sleep.  She has one right at my food and water station to help guide me so I never miss a meal anymore!

Also, my joints ache a lot more now, so she has placed a few comfy and ultra-plush pet beds around the house (I am a big kittie, so I need the medium size dog bed but don’t tell anyone ok?) with high sides so I can rest my head comfortably, just like you do on your pillows.  It sure beats sleeping on a hard floor!  I do love to cuddle with my mom on her bed at night, but she has a very high bed.  She put an ottoman at the end of her bed and wow does that ever help!  It is like a step stool and so much easier on me in getting up and down.  I have also seen quite a few pet ramps advertised lately, and they look purrfect!  (Reviews coming soon!)

In regards to my overall health, my veterinarian says l am healthy, but she wants to keep me that way.  One of the key problems in older animals is kidney disease, so drinking a lot of water is really important.  My mother bought me a ceramic water fountain called the “Pagoda” by Drinkwell which sounds like a tropical waterfall.  It makes me want to drink water all of the time, and it is so fresh and clean, so I do drink, as much as possible and I feel great!

I also get a variety of treats to help keep my immune system and joints in tip-top shape.  The ones I love best are by Vetri-Science.  I get a few of the Vetri-Lysine Plus Chews and the Glyco-Flex Chews every morning and every night.  Not only are they YUMMY, but they make me feel better.

photo-senior-pet-careFor my senior dog friends (yes, they deserve my advice and help too), I recommend the Tasman’s Made-In-The-USA Chicken Jerky Treats Hip and Joint Formula because they have Glucosamine, Chondroiten, and Collagen to keep us looking and feeling younger (when you look good, you feel good and vice versa!). Besides, collagen is a secret miracle worker in that it can repair our cells and it keeps our joints healthy too.  Well, I can honestly say that Tasman’s magic formula is working because just when I am feeling great and thinking I could finally outrun the dogs my age, they now seem to be faster than ever thanks to Tasman’s!

Phew, after all that advice and writing, I am exhausted and need to take a cat-nap. So until next time, this is Sabrina signing off.




Meow!  Oh, and feel free to write me anytime, but PAW-LEAZZZE keep in mind my daily schedule:

Between 8:00-8:30am: wake-up, stretch, have breakfast served to me by owner

8:30-8:45am ponder my reader’s questions while on route to new sleep location

8:45 am -9:00 am:  dictate comments to owner for posting on website

9:0o-12:00pm:  sleep

12:00-12:30ish pm: wake-up, stretch, have lunch served to me by owner

12:30-12:45 ponder my reader’s questions

12:45 -1:00 pm:  dictate comments to owner for posting on website

1:00-1:15pm:  walk around house, seek spot in sun for afternoon nap

1:15:  settle in for nap in sun

2:00pm: too hot in sun, move to new sleep location back upstairs in my pet bed room

2:00-8:00pm: sleep

8:00-8:30: wake-up, stretch, have dinner served to me by owner

8:30-8:45 ponder my reader’s questions while on route to new sleep location

8:45 -9:00 pm:  dictate comments to owner for posting on website

9:00 pm-2:00am:  retire to pet bed for sleep

2:00am:  jump on bed, perform mashy-mash (kneading) ritual, preferably on my owner’s stomache, rub wet nose against owner’s nose and demand attention and petting from owner; place paw on owner’s nose and tap gently (and repeatedly) should owner stop petting me at anytime.

2:30am: satisfied with owner attention, curl up next to owner

2:30 am-8:00am ish:  sleep


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