Mauro Natural and Holistic Dog Coat and Skin Care: Shampoo, Conditioners & Treatments, and Flea & Tick Control


Mauro_sepiaMauro Spina is one of the most sought-after and revered hair care professionals in the industry today. Beyond his long standing celebrated talent as a trend setting stylist, what makes Mauro vastly different from other hair care specialists began with one simple goal: to eliminate the widespread use of toxic hair care products by creating a full holistic line of both hair and scalp treatment products made from purely naturally sourced ingredients.

After building his clientele, Mauro opened his first London salon in 1967. Finding success, he opened a second location in 1968, and in 1972 opened the Mauro School of Hairdressing. Over the next decade, Mauro went on to open eight additional European salons before “jumping the pond” and opening his first salon in 1990 on Melrose Avenue in Beverly Hills. There, Mauro again gained notoriety for his continued efforts to develop a carefully crafted hand-tailored holistic line of all natural hair and scalp treatment programs to promote proper health and eliminate the widespread use of toxic hair care products that harm the body and the environment. Now, after enjoying many successful decades of extensive human testing trials, Mauro is proud to share what was previously only reserved for his highest profile client – his beloved Doberman Pinscher, Tina.

After more than 44 years of extensive product development, testing and positive client feedback, Mauro is delighted to offer a full range of aromatherapy health, coat and skin care products developed exclusively for those who depend on us most – our beloved pets.

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