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Rose will review some of the latest pet products that will help you pamper your pet.

Each heart is unique just as your pet. No two are the same.

Remember your pets

We have launched a new product line that will help you to remember your pets waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. For many of us that have lost a pet, we have them cremated and then we put their ashes in a box. Our pet memorial products are unique in that your pets’ ashes […]

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Safespot Locking Leash

We just launched a new product to protect your pet. Check out the Safespot locking leash. The steel cable reinforced Safespot Locking Leash is the perfect everyday leash. Safespot is a fully adjustable collar and lead in one. With a steel cabled core, you will have peace-of-mind on those short occasions you need to leave […]

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