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sabrina-at-gate“To Love and be Loved

is to Feel the Sun

From Both Sides.”

~David Viscott


Hello, my name is Sabrina.  I am a beautiful Maine Coon enjoying my “golden” years because my owner really pays attention to my special needs and makes me as comfortable as possible.  Yes, I remember the days when I could run and play forever, jump very high, climb trees and not get tired so easily.  However, with age comes a change in pace and abilities.  I am here to give you advice, recommendations and reviews regarding various products which help me enjoy a happy, healthy and mobile life.

Sabrina watches birdies while pondering what to write about in her column

Sabrina’s Top Recommendations for Keeping Senior Pets Happy and Healthy

Sabrina’s Top Recommendations for Keeping Senior Pets Happy & Healthy: As I mentioned, now that I am a bit older, I need a little extra care and help.  First of all, my eyesight is not as good as it used to be, particularly at night, which can be scary.  My loving mother helps me to navigate by […]

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Why Senior Pets are Awesome

Many potential adopters that come to the shelter are so focused on getting the tiny kitty or the excitable puppy. Eyes are often drawn to the fuzzy, cuddly babies and sadly overlook the older animals at the shelter. While most people are usually drawn to the babies, the older shelter residents may be a better […]

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