Last Day to order from Satine’s Heart is November 29th

Dear Customers, Please note that as I  am moving from California to New York, I am closing Satine’s Heart indefinitely. The last day to place orders is November 29th. At some point, I hope to reopen in New York. Thank you to all of my loyal customers. Cheryl & Satine (from kitty heaven).

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A tribute to Satine and all who have experienced pet loss

So the reminders on both my iphone and ipad came through at the same time today.  5:02pm.  I knew it was coming, yet I was still taken aback and could not breathe for a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity.  And then the tears started flowing. Today marks the 6th anniversary of Satine’s death.  […]

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Cheryl & Captain Santa Rosa CA

Captain, My Captain, I Miss You So

He was my Captain.  He was my rock.  He was my savior, my guiding light.  He endured and survived what no one and no living being should ever endure. And I Loved him so.  And I miss him so, so much that it hurts.  The day that he died is a blur.  How can a great […]

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Fitting in Wood Magnet DS1957

Do You DayDream in Cats and Dogs?

  If you are like me, every waking moment is about cats, dogs, friends and life’s lessons.  After all, they are all related, aren’t they?  Hey, if my dog doesn’t like you, or worse, if my cat doesn’t like you, well then, it probably is not going to work out between us.  Cats and dogs have […]

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Just Do Something NOW to Save an Animal

            They do not have a voice, we are their voice.  We can not stand around and ignore all of the animal cruelty that goes on in the world around us.  Nor should we stand back and let it continue to happen.  We all need to speak up and do something […]

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Vets Fight to Save Hero Dog

There are many acts of heroism in this world which we hear and read about every day.  This one, however, is very unique in that the hero in this story is a dog named Carmen who laid down her life in attempts to save her owner from a deadly fire.  This is the true meaning […]

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It Had to be You! 3701 V2

Satine’s Heart Introduces Dog Speak and Cat Chat Products

Satine’s Heart is proud to announce a new line of products from Dog Speak (a US based company focused on pet-themed gift products made in the USA).  But do not worry, as it also includes “Cat Chat” products as well for those of us who are feline fanatics. Dog Speak products include unique gift items as well as greeting cards, […]

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Chocolate: Great for Your Valentine, TOXIC to Your Pets!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, chocolate and other savory treats will be abundant everywhere.  While your Valentine will thank you and savor such delicious treats, keep in mind that chocolate is highly toxic for dogs.   Unless you want to spend Valentine’s at your local veterinary emergency hospital, keep all chocolate out of reach of your precious pets. […]

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Thank Your Pets for Your Healthy Heart!

Give your pets extra hugs and love this month to thank them for keeping your heart healthy.  Research has proven that pets provide us with a whole range of heart health benefits.  Overall, pet owners have a lower risk of dying from any cardiac disease, including heart failure. February is American Heart Month. Cardiovascular disease is […]

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Abandoned Foal

Breeze the Abandoned Foal Finds a New Friend

The Story of Breeze and Button Abandoned by his mother hours after his birth, a 10-day-old foal now has a new fuzzy friend. Breeze, a small, sickly foal, was discovered by farmers in Dartmoore Hill National Park in Devon, England.  He had been wandering around without his mother and attempting to suckle on other mares before […]

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