Abandoned Foal

Breeze the Abandoned Foal Finds a New Friend

The Story of Breeze and Button

Abandoned by his mother hours after his birth, a 10-day-old foal now has a new fuzzy friend.

Breeze, a small, sickly foal, was discovered by farmers in Dartmoore Hill National Park in Devon, England.  He had been wandering around without his mother and attempting to suckle on other mares before rescuers found him collapsed from clinical shock, malnutrition and dehydration.  Despite a search of the area for the mare that gave birth to Breeze, his mother could not be found, so the foal was immediately taken to The Mare and Foal Sanctuary at Honeysuckle Farm in Newton Abbot, Devon, England for urgent care.

After an appeal by the sanctuary to find the pony a new companion, donations came pouring in and Breeze was given a giant stuffed teddy bear with which to snuggle — appropriately called Button.  Now Breeze is kept company by the 4-foot teddy bear, as he’s being nursed back to health at the sanctuary.  According to the staff at the sanctuary, the duo has been inseparable.  The little orphaned foal,  Breeze, sleeps with Button the teddy bear every night to keep him comforted after being abandoned by his mother.

Breeze and Button 3





Breeze getting to know his new friend Button







Breeze and Button 2






Button watches over Breeze as he sleeps. 

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    This is just beautiful!