Our Mission: A Message from Cheryl’s Heart

cherylA message from Cheryl, the owner and founder of Satine’s Heart:

I believe that pets and their owners should be catered to and pampered.  To this end, I have created a local business based in Sonoma County to dedicate my life to caring for and pampering our animals.  I promise to deliver only the highest quality products at fair prices.  My goal is to support local jobs within Northern California and within the USA.

And all that I do is for the benefit of our beloved animal friends.

I have had animals by my side all of my life.  I have dedicated my time to and volunteered for various animal charities.  I have rescued and adopted more animals than I can count, and shed many tears as a result.  Those tears of joy and tears of sadness, are all for the love of my precious babies and every animal in the world.  Times have changed, resources have changed, technology has changed, veterinary science has changed.  Today, we have tools and resources which can help to make a difference in our pets’ lives.  YOU, by caring about your beloved animals have already made a difference in their lives!

Satine, my Cheshire cat, was particularly dear to me.  She helped me through a very difficult time and brought me endless joy and taught me the meaning of unconditional love.  You can read her story on my About Menu.  I lost my girl due to heart failure three years ago and it still hurts like it was yesterday.   She is, and will always be, my inspiration.  Each and every animal I save is for the love of Satine, for every precious animal  who has touched my life (and yours), and for the love of those precious creatures, great and small, out there waiting for us to save and nurture them.

My professional and educational background is in animal rescue and fostering, product safety, chemistry and toxicology.  I truly believe that products for our pets need to be held to the highest and most stringent safety and quality standards.  Unfortunately, the US (and foreign) governments do not regulate pet products at the same level in which products for humans are regulated, so this task is something we as individuals must choose to enforce and demand of the companies who manufacture and supply pet products.   There are chemicals and substances that you and I would not dare to put in our bodies or our children’s bodies, so why not demand pet products which follow these same standards and practices?  I do!  I  promise to provide only the highest quality, and safest products for your pets.  I extensively research each and every product to ensure that it meets not only my strict safety and quality criteria, but the criteria of my customers.

While my most popular products are displayed on my website, which is expanding and developing every day, I  also offer special and unique products based on customer feedback and needs.  I am proud to be a niche pet retailer that listens to my customers.  I offer free one-on-one meetings and consultations to address your pets’ needs and concerns, whether it be nutrition, pet clothing, protection, safety, etc.  I work with all pets, great and small and I am happy to place special custom orders for you.  I will personally deliver all products directly to your residence within Sonoma and Napa counties (if you desire) with no extra costs or surcharges.

My mission is to constantly give back to the local animal rescues, shelters and organizations here in Northern California.  Please know that a portion of every purchase you make will be donated to a local animal charity and make a difference in animals’ lives.

Thank you for taking time to visit my website.  And thank you for loving our beloved creatures, great and small.  Do your heart, and our animals a favor by hugging and giving them unconditional love today 🙂

Cheryl Rieser

Founder, Satine’s Heart