To Answer Your Most Important Questions About The Process

You lost your best friend and are now ready to cherish them with a glass heart, pendant or candle.   From personal experience, we at Satine’s Heart understand how difficult this time in your life may be.  Satine’s Heart started with one person’s own loss of her best friend, a very special cat named Satine, and her 3-year long search to find a way to cherish that beautiful friend.
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The entire process of creating a glass memorial piece with your pet’s ashes may be a bit  overwhelming.  We have received many questions, and hope that this FAQ will help to answer them.  As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

QUESTION #1:  How are my pet’s ashes placed inside the glass?

ANSWER:  During the glass blowing process, while the glass piece is still very hot but semi-formed, the ashes are then rolled directly into the glass.  Once the ashes are dispersed throughout the glass, the artist then goes on to mold the glass into the shape of a heart/candle/pendant and allows the finished piece to cool.

QUESTION #2:  Do you need all of my pet’s ashes to make my heart/candle/pendant?

ANSWER:  No, only 1-2 Teaspoons are required to create each piece.

QUESTION #3:  I have two pets who were siblings and I want to keep them together.  Is there any way to combine their ashes into one memorial glass piece?

ANSWER:  Yes.  Whether your pets were siblings, friends, buddies, or just those that you want to keep together, ashes can be combined to create one memorial piece.

QUESTION #4:  The box containing my pet’s ashes appear to be sealed, so I am not sure how to open it to remove the ashes.

ANSWER:  While boxes containing pet ashes typically appear to be completely sealed, if you look at the bottom of the box, there are typically 4 very small screws.  You can remove these screws, take out the ashes you need to send to us and then re-seal the box.

QUESTION #5:  How do I send my pet’s ashes to you?

ANSWER:  Once you place an order on our website, you will receive detailed instructions as to how to prepare and ship the ashes to the glass blowing facility.  If you are combining the ashes from several pets, remember only 1-2 Teaspoons are needed TOTAL, so take a bit from each to provide us with the 1-2 Teaspoons.

QUESTION #6:  Is there a special way I need to ship the ashes to Satine’s Heart?

ANSWER:  YES AND THIS IS WHY IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS YOU WILL RECEIVE ONCE YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 707-239-5262 or email us at Info@SatinesHeart.com

QUESTION #7:  How long does it take to receive my memorial piece?

ANSWER:  Typically, it takes 4-5 weeks from the time your ashes are received for your piece or pieces to be completed.  Some special orders may take a bit longer.

QUESTION #8:  Why does it take so long?

ANSWER:  As each individual glass piece is customized specifically for you and your pet’s memory, our artists make each piece individually with great care.  At Satine’s Heart we take handling your precious pet’s ashes very seriously and take extra special care, measures and time to ensure everything is handled with extreme care and consideration.  This was your beloved and precious baby and we want your memory piece to be perfect symbol of the love and bond you and your pet shared.



Again, at Satine’s Heart, we fully understand that this is a difficult process.  We created this company based on the experiences we have personally endured in losing our own pets.  We are here to assist you and talk with you regarding any other questions or concerns you have.