A tribute to Satine and all who have experienced pet loss

So the reminders on both my iphone and ipad came through at the same time today.  5:02pm.  I knew it was coming, yet I was still taken aback and could not breathe for a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity.  And then the tears started flowing.

Today marks the 6th anniversary of Satine’s death.  She died in my arms of heart failure.  Satine, my Cheshire cat, my best friend, took her last breath at exactly 5:02pm September 2, 2009.  That little kitty, who endured abandonment and starvation until I saved her on a cold day in Britain in 2006, was a very special kitty.  She who had endured so much thrived with my love, care and attention always gave me unconditional love, happiness and companionship in return.  With our move from England to San Francisco, she endured a transatlantic flight with delays and challenges like a trooper.  She adapted to our new home with no complaints, even though I knew how scary it must have been for her.  She greeted me and every guest in my house with affection and soft meows.  She demonstrated her gratitude to me every day, she knew that I had saved her.  And in many ways, she saved me too.  Animals recognize when they have been saved by an angel.  My friends always reminded me that Satine was not just a cat, she was a soul and a person with a charisma that no one could ever resist. When I had people over, Satine was always the life of the party.

Her life was short lived, and her death completely unexpected as she was so young.   Knowing that she would die of a heart defect that no one predicted, would I do it all over again?  Absolutely.  The short, but precious time I spent with her is something I will treasure always.  Will my heart ever heal?  No.  Absolutely no.  Whether we know that our pets are sick and the end is coming or we are taken completely by surprise makes no difference in the level of grief, loss and emptiness we experience when they are taken from us.  They say that time heals all wounds.  I disagree.  Today is proof that the wounds are still wide open.  My heart is very heavy today and will be forever as her beautiful soul is no longer with me.

The only comfort I have had is to save other animals from neglect and abuse.  I will continue to rescue and adopt other animals until the day I die.  While loss hurts, and it is scary to put your heart out there again only to know that there is the risk and the possibility and inevitability of loss again,  I still know that my mission in life is to use the resources I have to save more animals from a life of misery and to give them the love, caring and compassion which they so deserve.

To every one out there reading this who has experienced the loss of a pet/best friend, my heart is with you.  To those of you fortunate enough to have a furry friend by your side, love them unconditionally, and treasure every moment you share together.

And to my Satine, my Cheshire cat, sleep tight my little girl and know that I love and miss you always.


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